Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Fever Blog Train- Add on / MiniKit

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usefull just on its own or as part of the larger kit
when i said i couldnt stop wasnt joking lol
you can download here

dont foget my hug

Spring Fever Blog Train- Alpha

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just a little something to go with the Spring fever Kit
you can download it here

dont forget to leave a hug

Spring Fever Blog Train

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Image Hosted by

The Train has left the station here is my part of the cargo its a mega kit i just didnt know when to stop again lol so much so that the next post will be an add on kit lol (i jest not) theres over 11 megs of lovely papers and elements in this one and you can download it HERE
and dont forget to leave a hug {{}}

this train is humungus 64 designers what a hell of a kit you are gonna have to get a new external hard drive to put it all on hehe

please visit as many of the stations as you can and dont forget to leave some love if you download and let everyone know how much they are appreciated heres the list

Country Hollow Creations
Cancer Moon Creations
Artlor Designs
Crazed's Creations
DigiDesigns By Pamela Yates
Serenity Dezynes
Latte Dah Designs
Colleen's Creative Scraps
Arkansas Outhouse
Designz By Lou
Northern Bird Scraps
I Don't Give A Scrap
Scrapper Girl Designs
Stephs Graphx
Crafty Scraps
Angel Flowers Scraps
Created by Jill
Joyfully Jimi
EMS Arts
Mystical Moocow
Chingjp Design
Digital Embellishments
S.G.Rowe Designs
Addie's Designs
TwistedScrapper / SotoCreations
Sharon Becker
Country Girl Creations
Scrappy Deesignz
Tagging Angels N Scraps
Pinky Couture Scraps
Shortcut Creations
Heartfelt Perfections
DigiLover's Addiction
Designs by Angel
Lindas Dreams Designs
Stacey's Designs
Tickled Pink DigiScrap
3+1 Scrapper
Designs By Pebbles
Blue Cat
Scrapping Kittens
Aleahs Mommy Designs
To Create Fire Designs
Patz Scrapz
Tori's Tidbits
Miggins Does Scrapsville *you are here*
Designs by Kelly
Scrappin With Lil Ole Me
Poka Dot
Candys Treasures
Urban Mermaid Designs
SAHM Of Drama Queens
Tickle Me Pink Scraps
Jens Sweet Temptations
Wildcat Designs
KnC Scrapz
Baby Cakes Scraps

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miggs Mask no8

last one for today.. missed the film tho lol..its one of the girls at works birthday tommorow so im gonna make her some Victoria Frances wrapping paper befor i hit snooze city.. hope you can use this

you can download here

and dont forget to leave some huggies

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Miggs Mask no7

Well i was going to watch pride and predjudice the one with keira knightly and the gorjuss mathew mcfadden but i got distracted.. so heres another mask for you

you can download it here

leave a hug
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Preset Shapes - Road Signs

I have some more preset shapes for you today, there are two sets and both have at least 50 shapes in ..I did start to count them but lost the will.. I`m sure you can find a use for them

you can download set 1 here

you can download set 2 here

dont forget to leave a hug.....

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preset Shapes - chinese coins

some more oriental style shapes for you
once again they have been tested in psp8 9 and 10

download set 1 here

download set 2 here dont forget to leave a hug

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Image Hosted by

Preset Shapes - chinese charactures

Some more preset shapes for you
these work in psp 8-10 but i dont know about the others
maybe someone will let us know

you can download set 1 here

you can download set 2 here

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Image Hosted by

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alpha - Desert Fox

Image Hosted by

you can download the alpha here

leave a hug

The secret of my success (or not )

I want to share with you a couple of sites that are perfect for finding colour combinations for your kits and layouts
This is how ive been naming some of my kits by mixing some of the colour names now you know... anyway go and check out these sites

this next ones a bit upload a image and it tells you the most prominent
color in that image along with 10 of the most dominant colours and one complimentary color to go with them

another one i just found will find you diffrent tones of the same colour or complimentary colours
you can change the contrast or you can randomise the color scheme and then it will give you the
color codes
i quite like this one as you have a bit more control


Taggers Kit - Desert Fox

where the hell do i get these names from... someone should invent a random scrapkit name maker lol id be their biggest user.
actually there is a logic in my madness which will be revealed in the next post but first grab yourself a tasty taggers kit while your waiting

you can download this one here

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miggs Masks no5 and no6 and a bit of a rant

its budget day and the chancellor has put 1p on a pint of beer and 7p on a packet of cigarettes ..
i know they are trying to put the price of cigarettes up to top us smoking but believe me when him indoors is drunk its far more detrimental to my health than the 4 cigareetes a day i smoke..ok sorry rant

heres a couple of masks to make up for it hehe

you can download no5 here

you can download no6 here

Feel the Music Blog Train

coming to a station near you the train will depart on May 18th
this train will incorporate everything to do with music.. so watch this space..
if you would like to pop along to the traim blog and pick up some freebies and view some previews you can find it here

Miggs Mask no4

Another Mask for you. Thanks Melinda for asking for these I hope you like them

you can download this mask here

and dont forget to leave a hug..

Miggs Mask no3

by special request ive rooted through all my "to be sorted" folders and found some more mask. i hope someone can use them and if you do please email me your tags and ill showcase them here on the blog

you can download this mask Here

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Home for Miggins

wow ... i had so many visitors to my blog last weekend for the baseball blog train ive had to move my blog to here due to exceeding bandwidth on my normal site

please change your bookmarks to this blog now and thanks for your support

huggers Lilith

Take Me Out to the BallGame Blog Train

The Blog train is just leaving the station and to make sure your on it heres the preview of my part and the list of contributors. please remeber if you visit these sites and download any part of the train to make sure you leave some love for the scrapper

i hope you enjoy these kits as much as ive enjoyed making mine

you can download my part here

you can visit the rest of the train here at these sites

Create with TLC

Craftymumz Crejations

Scrap by Yanna

Scrappin the Day Away

Miggins Does Scrapsville *you are here*

Jaydens Mama Designs

Foxy Lady Creations

Humbug Graphics Galore

Colleen’s Creative Scraps

Digital Scrapbooking Goddess

Candy’s Treasures

Jada Collectibles

Krystie’s Kreations

The Scrappy Cat

Alpha - Corallie

heres a little Alpha to go with the last kit

letters only im afraid as the font did not have the numbers and symbols

you cam download the alpha here and dont forget to leave a hug

Taggers Kit - Corallie

This is a preety kit that ive named after my eldest daughter whose birthday it would hve been today. as usual there id far more in it that i could fit in the preview 85 elements and 22 papers.

ive been playing around with the scripting in psp so look out for some psp9 and 10 scripts coming to a blog near you..

you can download this kit here

and dont forget to leave a hug

The Baseball Blog Train is Coming….

Train will take off from the station on April 18th~! so keep an eye out

Blog train brought to you by Create with TLC and Craftymumz Creations

Spring Fever Blog Train

what a hoot ive joined a blog train.

the train will depart on may 1st so keep an eye out for my part and the list of contributors

im really looking forward to this

you can visit the train blog here

More Mustard - Alpha

a little something to go with the last kit

the edges are transluscent so you can add a sticker effect and it will still look good

you can download here

Taggers Kit- More Mustard

i was eating a mustard sandwiche when i was choosing the colours for this really i found a website where yo can match colours that go together and as i was eating i clicked on the mustardy colour and the rest fell into place…lets just hope i dont have a plate of liver and onions next time…anyway theres far more in the kit than is on t he preview as usual i may have to start splitting the kit into two previews to stop it looking so messy..

you can download here

leave a hug

PSP Preset Shapes

Heres some preety butterflys for you, these were made in psp9 they work in X but i dont have any higher versions to test them on. maybe some nice soul will try them and let me know

unzip to your jasc or corel psp preset shapes folder download links are below the previews

Download here

download here

Download here

Element Pack - Stringythings2

as you can see i havent done the preview course yet…

i did do a course today on making pivot tables in Microsoft Excel and my brain has turned to you ll let me off im sure.

you can download the pack here

dont forget to leave a hug

Element Pack - Stringythings

The preview here doesnt do justice to the elements i have to admit

so im off to preview makin 101but meantime i hope someone can make use of them

you can download here

dont forget to leave a hug

Barely Violet Alpha

i cant promise ill have time to makean alpha for every kit

but while the novelty lasts…you can download this one here

Taggers Kit -Barely Violet

Another tag kit for you and another attempt at not making too many parts gone by the wayside…
….well youll just have to lump the fact that theres quite a bit in it. the size isnt too bad tho cos ive kept the sizes down. Not all elements are shown on the preview. Alpha to follow

you can download here

Dont forget to leave a hug

Miggs Mask no2

Another mask for you
I know they dont look much in their raw form but this ones quite preety behind a round frame

you can download it here
and dont forget to leave a hug

Certainly Celery - Alpha

I thought you might like an Alpha set to go with the last kit so here it is….letters numbers and symbols

you can download it here

leave a hug

Taggers Kit -Certainly Celery

Named after one of the colours used in the kit this has far more in it than is in the preview.

Ihave to say green is not a colour i like but this one grew on me as it grew on me i really should learn when to stop making elements.

This kit has 80 elements and 16 papers….do you like the new preview i splashed out and brought a script that makes the backing.

Anyway i hope someone can use it. you can download it here

and dont forget to leave a hug

Taggers Kit - P

highly original name for this one dont you think. my mojo left me when it came to naming it so as id saved the first peice with just that letter so the rest became project P

there are some peices in here that ive made from scratch myself some fromm tuts but some i worked out myself like the butterflys from fonts which i saved as selections and kept to use again and the flowers which started as a preset shape and got airbrushed then given the muras treatment

anyway i hope you like it you can download it here

dont forget to leave some love

Miggs Mask no1

had a play at making masks this is my first


Download mask here and leave a hug

Taggers Kit -Easter Pastels

This one is dedicated to the lovely Missy who volunteered to try it out for me thanks hun check out the yummy looking easter eggs which were made form a tut by Scrappin Mar. Thanks for that Mar

i got bit carried away with this one theres 15 papers and 100 elements

you can download it here dont forget to leave me a hug


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