Friday, December 01, 2017

Pampered Pups Blog Train ... "Mistletoe & Wine"

Holly, Ivy & Mistletoe.

Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe for Yule
Celebrate the return of the light
Deck your home with its greenery
And ribbons of red, green and gold shining bright

Ivy for the Lady, Holly for the Lord
Mistletoe for fertility, the Sun God reborn
Light up your home with candles soft, warm glow
Hail and welcome the new born babe this Yuletide Dawn

Blessed Be

you can get this full size kit HERE 

and heres the rest of the train


Linda P said...

Lovely kit! However link wasn't working. I will try again later

Linda P said...

I got it! I clicked on the title of the article which took me to that page and that link worked! Thank you for the really nice kit!

R said...

Thank you for sharing this gift with us :)


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