Thursday, December 01, 2016

BNB Blogtrain.....Home for Xmas

 in this case its a gingerbread home
FS Minikit  300dpi 
you can get it here

and heres the rest of the train


 photo hug.png


Rosi H. said...

Hi good day.
I have been entering your blog since November, for the Blogtrain of Awareness, there is no way to get your part, I have tried it many times, it does not let the zip unzip, it means that the file is in an unknown format or it is damaged. With the files of the other participants there was no problem, (except with Digicat, that happens to me the same).
... And now in December, with this Blogtrain the same thing is happening to me.
In the older trains also happens to me, I thought the links had expired, but I think it is problem of direct download with the server, because the zip if it appears in the download folder of my computer.
Do the same thing happen to more people?
I will tell you in the rest of the post that this problem is happening to me.

P.P. Perdona las patadas que debo estarle dando al idioma, no hablo inglés, me comunico a través del Google Traslate... y a veces tiene sus pequeños caprichos :)

Unknown said...

Adorable kit!! The mouse is so cute!!! The gingerbread house is delightful!!! Santa, toys and tree are all so beautiful!!! The papers are stunning!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Marie H. said...

Thank you for the adorable kit. Marie H.


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