Thursday, November 18, 2010

BNB A Little Goes a Long Way Blog Train

I was too late to join in this month due to storms knocking out the power and then being unsubbed..!!!
but as i'd already made the kit im putting it up anyway
as usual theres far more in there than in the preview and you can download it here

heres the rest of the train..dont miss out on any of these wonderfull kits
and why not join us next month ..just go to the main station and join the yahoo group..

Blog train

Bits N Bobs
Scrap and Tubes
Designs by Stina
Gothic Inspirations
HF Projekte
Crystals Creations
Digital BluePrint
Ellanoir design
S.G.Rowe Designs
Designs by LK
AW Design
Felice Original
Tootypup Scraps
Sams Scraps
Created by Jill
Artmamas Studio
Scrappy bit of fun
Pinks Poetic Scraps
Krissy's Scraps
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