Thursday, April 15, 2010

BNB Blog Train - April Showers

Another stunning train from BNB, this ones called April Showers, as you can see ive been practicing my preview skills and this ones not too cluttered, it also means theres far more in the zip than is shown.

please remember to show some love and appreciation to all the talented designers on this train.

you can download my part here

Sunday, April 11, 2010

PSP Shapes-Sun Shapes packs 1 and 2

ok so while i was making the last pack i thought  wow too many clouds and rain type stuff so here some suns to go with it and brighten the place up a bit

download pack 1 here

download pack 2 here

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PSP Shapes- April Showers

i made these to go with the upcoming blog train from BNB
look out for it on the 15th of this month
ive tested these in psp 8 up to X but they should work in higher builds too
hope you enjoy them

you can download them Here

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