Monday, September 28, 2009


I just got this passed on from Summer Lovin Gal over at 'Tell me More, Tell meMore'   So as Ive not had one before I thought I would answer them and pass it along.
1.How long have you been using PsP, Ps?  wow i first got psp back in 92 . version 1.0 was shareware then so its come a long long way..PS i have the portable CS3 adobe suite but haven't got too far with PS other than using it to run
2.How did you get into make tags? Scrapkits? i used to make outlook stationery..taught myself javascript and html doing that ..very handy.. and i guess it was just a progression from that to making sigs for the forums i joined..scrapkits  were also just a progression from using others gourgous kits to tag with and then having a go myself
3.Who's your favorite artist? now thats a hard one  Joel Adams and Pysho Jimi i have to mention cos they are such good farmville neibors...hehe  HI Boys... but i also like Ismael Rac Caron Vinson and i LOVE Jonathon Raya ...oh and Rachel Tallamy and....
4. Who's your favorite scrap designer? geex another hard one Bel Viddoti bless her but right now i cant deny that i love Karens work over at Kaklei Designs
5.Which 3 blogs to you visit everyday? Digifree and Creative Busy Hands are normally first stop then i have a quick look at the blog roll on me dashboard and see what takes my eye  i guess the one i tend to hit most tho is Granny Art ..what a talented generous lady she is
well know you know what an airhead I am..

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Denise said...

Thanks for doing this hun. Is interesting reading!
You'll have to add me on FB since I'm a farmer too! LOL


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