Thursday, June 25, 2009

KolorScapezKonvoy June Blog Train part 2

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The theme for this one was Aurora Haze and the colors are beautifull trust me you will not be dissapointed with any of the kits on this train they are truly stunning
you only get the sneak peek from each kit as you travel the train but dont let that stop you..
there are 50 elements and 20 papers in my part and you can download it here

dont forget to leave a hug
now you must go and visit all the rest of the designers on the train
it may be a small list but it is a list full of beautifull and talented designers
and if you do vist them please remeber thier hard work and leave them some love

heres the list

Alexedidit @
Yanna @
Marsha @
Aleahsmommy @
inkkfreakk @
Miggins you are here
Kerry @
Chassity @
Rags @

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

.....and Another Award

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A great big hug and many thanks to RhondaSue for nominating me for this award,
she is a lovely lady and her blog is fulll of beautifull freebies so go over and say hello and say i sent you, you can find her blog here
and dont forget to leave her a hug..

so i have to pass this on to some deserving blogs and these are the ones ive chosen

Shelle at

Honey at

Xtenziv at

Ann at

please go and visit them and dont forget to leave some love..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recieved Another Award...

Many thanks to Terry at `Treasures by Terry` for nominating me for this Award
you can visit her beautifull blog here


and as is usual I'm passing on this award to these lovely blogs:

Check out all these lovely blogs. You won't be disappointed!!!

Coming Soon

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The `Wish you Were here` blog train will soon be arriving
check back soon for more info

Saturday, June 13, 2009

LIFE IS A BANQUET blog train

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The theme for this one is "Life is a Banquet".....everything to do with food......Food, Utensils, Cooking, etc.
there are some awesome freebies on this train it may not be big but by george its well packed.
dont forget to leave a hug if you snag ..and i know you will.. and if any of the designers dont have thier freebies up yet go back later cos we are all on different time zones

you can download my part here

heres the other participants

and there lots more freebies for you on the train blog
but you better hurry before the station closes

PSP Script - Bumblebee no 2

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this script makes 3 diffrent lil bees ..the wings are in diffrent poses
ive also included the beehive png and a gradient which works well for wings in case you dont have one..the wings on these are semi transluscent

you can download lil bee 2 here

leave a hug if you do

PSP Script - Bumblebee no 1

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hope you like these they were extensivley tested and redone till we got them perfect lol
i have included in the zip a png beehive template for you to play with as well..oh and
the wings look best when done with a pale gradient

you can download this lil bee here

dont forget my hug

Thursday, June 11, 2009

PSP Preset Shape - bootnshoe

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you can download this shape here

dont forget the hug..

PSP Preset Shape - Mahjong

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you can download this shape here

leave a hug

PSP Preset Shape - Chess

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you can download this shape here
leave a hug

PSP Script - Forgetmeknots

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another doodle flower for you hope you like it

by the way look out for the Life Is A Banquet Blog train which will depart on 14th june

you can download this script here

forgetmenot and leave a

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KolorScapezKonvoy June Blog Train part 1

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the KolorScapezKonvoy June Blog Train has left the station
No full previews here just a sneaky peek but trust me there are some awesome kits for you to download and enjoy..The theme for this train is Children are Golden and its to commerate Childrens Cancer Month .
visit the rest of the train and please dont forget if the desingner hasnt got their part up yet please go back later as we are all in diffrent time zones and they may still be in

you can download my part here

here are the links for the rest of the train..please leave some hugs for the designers on your way whether you download or not as a lot of hard work has gone into every one of these kits quick pages and layouts and knowing your work is appreciated makes it all worth while..

Saturday, June 06, 2009

PSP Script - Chicken Wire Shapes

three different shapes made from chicken wire these are perfect for layinging

you can download them here

dont forget a hug

PSP Script - Chicken Wire

something a bit different you get three diffrent sizes of chicken wire the largest is 800x800

no outside filters just run the script..

you can download this script here

PSP Script - Ladybug no 3

last of the bugs for now these are flying off ...must be peter and paul...

you can download this set here

dont forget the hug
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and i want to say a great big thank you to my script testing team you can visit thier sites by looking to the right and clicking on thier links

PSP Script - Ladybug no 2

a rounder more portly version here for those who like thier bugs fuller figured..hehe

you can download these chubbsters here

dont forget to leave a hug

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PSP Script - Ladybug no 1

Arnt these lil critters adorable theres three diffrent types for you
and i will be converting them to PSP 8 very soon for those with the older version

you can download this set here

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Another Award - whoo hooo

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A great BIG thank you to Jenbo for this lovely award
Jens a lovely person and a very talented lady, you can visit her blog here

and i am passing this award on to





Humbug Graphics

all of whom thoroughly deserve it


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